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For support, questions or to request a demo/evaluation copy of the software, email us at: Support at 5MinutePhoto dot com

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Action Event Software

  • What is the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Software?
  • New Features of Version 7
  • Pricing/Upgrades and Ordering Information
  • Version 7 User Manual
  • New Support Notes Document5 Minute Photo Windows-Networking Support Notes
  • Version 5 Std User Manual
  • Sales FAQ
  • Technical FAQ
  • Standard Version 5.3 vs Version 7 Edition Comparison Chart
  • Installing .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 for 5 Minute Photo Version 5 and 6
  • How to set IP Address on additional Viewing Stations

  • Monitor Hoods (build your own)

  • Build Your Own Monitor Hoods

  • Other Helpful Info/Links

  • Templates to download
  • Diagram of Sample Hybrid Virtual Setup
  • Contact 5 Minute Photo

  • Contact Us

  • Posed/Staged Event Software

  • Shoot-N-Print Software (automatic print software)

  • How To Guide

  • "How To Do Onsite Event Photography" Guide

  • Poster Printing Service

  • Poster Printing Service for Event Photographers

  • Linux In The Middle

  • LinuxInTheMiddle.com 5 Minute Photo's Solution for more than 10 (XP Pro) or 20 (Windows 7/Windows 8) Viewing Stations.

  • External - non-5 Minute Photo links

  • Compact Flash Envelopes (direct from supplier)
  • Industrial Grade Kiosk Card Readers (direct from supplier)
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