Support Page for 5 Minute Photo Loader Software Version 7

(Updated 10/14/2016) Version 7.8.2 Loader Changes

Changes to Version 7.8.2 - Addressed all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.8.1.

  • Fixed bug where in 7.8.1 Loader where "Shipping is Taxable" checkbox (Loader - Configuration - Orders/Invoices tab) was not saving to database.

(Updated 9/13/2016) Version 7.8.1 Loader Changes

Changes to Version 7.8.1 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.5.0 plus a few new added features.

  • Fixed bug in 7.8.0 Loader - DO NOT Use Version 7.8.0 Loader if you have previously downloaded it.
  • Change size of Customer Name/ID field to be longer and accept email addresses.
  • Add feature to Hide Price Levels on Cart Screen (Loader - Configuration - Advanced tab)
  • Fixed issue in Favorites Management when only 1 Favorite where clicking on Favorite Image # did not display the image.
  • Added feature to allow sorting of Orders by Order Number, Customer Name/ID, # of Images, Products Ordered and Grand Total in either Ascending or Descending order.
  • Fixed an issue in Pre-Load Games/Competition Utility if a comma was missing in a CSV record being imported that caused Import process to abrubtly stop. Version 7.8.0 will show the reason for the error along with a graceful exit.
  • Fixed an issue if a Printing sub-folder for a particular Game/Competition did not exist (ie. accidentally moved, renamed or deleted outside of 5 Minute Photo) when using 5 Minute Photo to Manage Folders (Rename/Delete Folders). Note: You should always use 5 Minute Photo to Rename/Delete Folders - NOT Windows Explorer, so that any Orders/Favorites are also updated in the database.
  • Show additional status information in Loader status/message area when all 5 background processes are processing and taking a long time to complete. This is fairly rare but can happen when processing huge numbers of images back to back and when Loader hardware may be inadequate for the volume of images and Games/Competitions being processed back to back.
  • Fixed issue when some Tilde "~" folders were not completely processed and renamed when multiple flag files existed.

(Updated 4/14/2015) Version 7.5.0 Loader Changes

Changes to Version 7.5.0 - These changes correct some small remote and obscure bugs found under specific conditions or when certain option combinations were set. Most of these bugs/issues had a work around and were not a show stopper.

  • Added 3 New Options in the Loader Configuration (Advanced tab):
    • •Show Add All Images Link (default True)
    • •Show Pricing link in Breadcrumb menu (default True)
    • •Use Single Click vs Double Click on Events and Games (default False)
  • Allowed for slightly larger logo to be used on Invoice/Order print out and prevent overlap of logo with custom field headings.
  • Fixed issue with "Copy ALL Files (RAW)" option checked when source folder may contain non-JPG files with no extension and/or 0 byte file size.
  • Fixed issue when Original file name was something like "dsc_1234d.jpg" - containing a 2nd "d" (or other letter) matching the Camera ID - it was removing both "d's" causing issues when using some configuration option combinations.
  • Broke message into 2 lines in Loader processing text list about bad file format files (non 8.3 file name) - message was too long to see all of the message.
  • Fixed issue where source location showed incorrect source location during processing. It was changing to a previous source location during processing and then resetting back to what it should be when processing completed.
  • Fixed issue with some random shortcuts not getting created in the Printing folder when processing a lot of images or on some slower Loader computers. This sometimes caused issues with automatically moving images to Customer Order sub-folders in Printing folder, if shortcut was missing and there was no Printing image.
  • Fixed issue with selected Event getting reset if user went into Loader configuration and changed the path for the Viewing folder.
  • Fixed issue when trying to View or Print the same Order # in the Loader Order Management screen. Everything worked fine if going from one order to another but if you tried to View or Print the same order more than once it would not be correct.
  • Fixed issue with last 2 options ("Picture Loaded via 5 Minute Photo Loader" and "Date Picture Taken") in Thumbnail Image Sort Order (Loader - Configuration - Thumbnails tab) not saving properly.

(Updated 2/13/2014) Version 7.1.1 Loader Changes

Changes to Version 7.1.1 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.1 plus a few new added features

  • Fixed a bug when you changed the "On-Screen Keyboard Prompt for Customer to Enter Name/ID for Favorites/Orders" text in the Loader Configuration (Favorites tab) the prompt did not change on the Viewer when prompting customer to enter their Name/ID.
  • Fixed a bug when setting the "Number of Thumbs to Print Per Order Page" (Order/Invoice tab) to 0 (Order/Invoice without Thumbnails) that some items on the Order did not print.
  • Added ability to show slightly larger Logo at top of Orders/Invoices.
  • Added ability to actually View the images in a Customer's Favorites when Viewing List of Images in Favorites from within the Favorites Management screen - click on image # row to View Image and Hover mouse over Image to see larger.
  • Added links in Favorites Management screen when Viewing List of Images in Favorites from within the Favorites Management Screen to Check or Uncheck ALL Removed checkboxes without having to check/uncheck them individually.

(Updated 1/28/2014) Version 7.1 Loader Changes

Changes to Version 7.1 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.0

  • Fixed problem with Unsubmitted Orders (Favorites with Products Selected to Order) showing up in Orders Management dialog and creating Printing [Order ID] Sub-folders BEFORE orders were actually submitted. Status line at bottom of Loader was also showing a count that included Unsubmitted orders - fixed.
  • Added User Resizable Dialogs to Order Management, Favorites Management and Products Management dialogs to be able to see more information at once, if desired.
  • Reversed logic when Moving Order Images to Printing [Order ID] sub-folders - now first tries to move the Original image from shortcut file, if it exists - if not, then tries to move Printing image, if it exists.
  • Fixed "Slide Show of Images in Selected Folder" problem with Browse button and text field disabled.
  • Added ability to Exit/Cancel the Pre-processing dialog, in cases where the "Pre-process of ALL Viewing Images" option was accidentally selected and/or decide not to go through all of the images when there are a large number of images being loaded/processed.
  • Removed Default Qty from Product Manage screen - carry over from Version 6 and no longer needed or used in Version 7.
  • Fixed problem with Products that have Multiple/Varied Images allowing the minimum number of images to be greater than the maximum number of images.
  • Fixed problem with some versions of Windows 8 causing the sharing permissions on EventView to be reset to "Read-Only" when starting or exiting Loader or processing cards. This only happened when using the default Viewing folder location not when using Alternative UNC paths for the Viewing folder (i.e. \\ServerName\EventView as Alternate Viewing path worked fine).
  • Published Windows/Networking Support Notes document on Site Map page to replace previous support documents.

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