Support Page for 5 Minute Photo Viewer Software Version 7

(Updated 9/6/2016) Version 7.8.0 Viewer Changes

Changes to Version 7.8.0 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.5.2 plus a few new added features.

  • Allow entry of email address for Customer Name/ID when using On-Screen keyboard
  • Fixed issue with sizing of Text/Instructions on some monitor screens that would cut-off part of the menu/navigation buttons.
  • Fixed issue with error message if Viewing images didn't exist (accidentally rename, deleted or removed outside of 5 Minute Photo - ie. using Windows Explorer to move, rename or delete - you should always use 5 Minute Photo utilities for doing this - NOT Windows Explorer) or images not found (due to network issues) when showing Customer's Favorite images in Cart screen.
  • Fixed issue if Custom Fields #6-10 were set to be password protected.
  • Fixed issue if a product with shipping charges was removed from cart and other non-ship products still existed in cart, shipping charges were not being removed from summary/totals.

(Updated 10/2/2015) Version 7.5.2 Viewer Changes

Changes to Version 7.5.2 - These changes correct a few small bugs found and reported by users.

  • Fixed issue with Events Search text box if less than 7 characters were typed in.
  • Changed Instructions Text at top of Events, Games, Thumbs and Preview screens to be centered if no logo was being shown.
  • Fixed issue with recalculating quantity pricing (Totals and Price of Items Ordered) on Favorites/Cart screen, if an item was removed/zeroed out using the Minus (-) button for an image that qualified for quantity pricing.

(Updated 4/14/2015) Version 7.5.0 Viewer Changes

Changes to Version 7.5.0 - These changes correct some small remote and obscure bugs found under specific conditions or when certain option combinations were set. Most of these bugs/issues had a work around and were not a show stopper.

  • Fixed issue where using a blank in some configuration headings. They would show the Default text value and not a blank or nothing.
  • Removed the message box showing how many images were loaded into favorites after customer recalled their favorites.
  • Fixed issue if option configured to not use Favorites then the "Add ALL Images to Favorites" link showed up, if less than 150 images and if the customer clicked on it, it would show the View and Clear favorites buttons. Fixed this and also added option to either show or not show the "Add ALL images to Favorites" link whether Favorites are turned on or off.
  • Fixed issue with Preview screen showing a different layout on the first Preview image but not others.
  • Fixed issue if using the arrow keys on a keyboard or just clicking the Prev or Next buttons (not moving the mouse) in the Preview screen would cause the Auto Timeout Feature to fire off and return to the selected Auto Timeout option.
  • Added option in Loader to allow photographer to show or not show the Pricing link in the Viewer breadcrumb menu.
  • Added option in Loader to allow Viewer Events and Games to operate off of single click or double click.
  • Fixed issue when using on-screen keyboard and regular keyboard interactively in the Viewer.
  • Fixed issue where maximum text input lengths did not match for onscreen keyboard and regular keyboard entry.
  • Allowed for slightly larger logo to be used on Invoice/Order print out and prevent overlap of logo with custom field headings.
  • Fixed issue when using "Date Picture Taken (EXIF Date Taken) sort option for Thumbnails and Preview images.

(Updated 2/13/2014) Version 7.1.1 Viewer Changes

Changes to Version 7.1.1 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.1

  • Fixed a bug when you changed the "On-Screen Keyboard Prompt for Customer to Enter Name/ID for Favorites/Orders" text in the Loader Configuration (Favorites tab) the prompt did not change on the Viewer when prompting customer to enter their Name/ID.
  • Fixed a bug when setting the "Number of Thumbs to Print Per Order Page" to 0 (Order/Invoice without Thumbnails) that some items on the Order did not print.
  • Added ability to show slightly larger Logo at top of Orders/Invoices.
  • Added "-albumonly" command line option to Viewer to allow a Viewing Station to act as an Image Album Collection station, without Products or the ability to select items to order (for those that prefer to let customer select images they like and then do one-on-one selling with customers).
  • Added "-receipt2" command line option to Viewer to automatically print a 2nd copy of Order/Invoice without Thumbnails, after the first Order/Invoice is printed (with or without thumbnails).
  • Added "-noremoveallselected" command line option to Viewer to not show the "Remove ALL Selected" link in the Favorites (using this option will require customer to remove images from Favorites one image at a time).
  • Added "-noremoveallordered" command line option to Viewer to not show the "Remove ALL" link in the Selected to Order column of the Favorites screen (using this option will require customer to remove products/items ordered individually one at a time by decreasing quantity ordered down to 0).
  • Published Command Line Options Support Document for using advanced Command Line Options in Viewer. (2/20/2014)

(Updated 1/28/2014) Version 7.1 Viewer Changes

Changes to Version 7.1 - These changes address all reported or known bugs/issues with Version 7.0

  • Fixed "Slide Show of Images in Selected Folder" problem with Browse button and text field disabled.
  • Added Order Number to print outs of Order/Invoices.
  • Added "Are You Sure?" dialog in Favorites when customer clicks Checkout/Submit button to make sure they realize they are actually placing an order.
  • Fixed problem with "Remove from Cart" button on Thumbnail and Preview screens when "Remove from Favorites" was selected in Favorites screen and button was not updated when returning to Thumbnail or Preview screen of image removed.
  • Fixed issue with "Disable Checkout/Submit Button" option on Favorites tab in Loader configuration that was not working correctly.
  • Added "-nocart" command line option to Viewer to allow some Viewing Stations to be "View Only" stations without Favorites, Cart, etc. (same affect as "Disable Checkout/Submit Button" button on Favorites tab in Loader configuration but only on select Viewing Stations vs ALL)
  • Changed Exit option on right click of copyright menu to say "Exit/Config Viewer" rather than just "Exit".
  • Added option to "Update Config from Server" on right click of copyright menu to make it quicker to get latest configuration values from Server when configuration options were changed on server. Previously had to either exit and re-enter Viewer or at least go into the Local Viewer Config screen and Return to Viewer to update values.
  • Fixed issues with password protected carts not always functioning as designed.
  • Moved Order Printing from Viewing Stations to a background process so that checkout didn't pause (or appear hung up) while the printing of the order was taking place.
  • Added "Remove ALL Selected" option to Favorites so customer could select ALL or any combination of images in Favorites and remove all of them at once rather than one by one.
  • Added option to "Remove ALL" products under "Selected to Order" in Favorites so customer doesn't have to remove them one by one if they change their mind and want to start over.
  • Fixed problem with Custom Field information not showing up on printed orders when printed from Viewing Station.
  • Published Windows/Networking Support Notes document on Site Map page to replace previous support documents.

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